Understanding WPAS development best practices helps you become more efficient designer and limits the number of beginner mistakes significantly reducing time-to-market for your apps. In this article, I touch upon some of the best practices you should follow to make your WPAS WordPress project a success.
WP App Studio FreeDev accounts support calculated attributes in custom WordPress plugins. This article explains how to use calculated attributes for doing simple calculations in plugin designs.
When you first install WP App Studio, it comes with FreeDev Demo app. FreeDev Demo app is designed to introduce the basic concepts of WP App Studio WordPress development. In this article, I review the main screens and introduce a simple WPAS WordPress development workflow by adding taxonomies and attributes to our demo app.
FreeDev API access is designed to teach basic concepts of WP App Studio. Once you download and activate WP App Studio plugin, you get FreeDev Demo App pre-installed. In this tutorial, we will work on this app to create a custom WordPress Plugin.
WP App Studio offers significant advantages to Startups, Marketers, and Developers when compared with traditional site development methods. We list some of the benefits you can get using WP App Studio platform.
Settings page helps you define initial look and feel of your app as well as overall website. You add/remove specific modules such as operations, analytics, admin filters.