We create a WordPress plugin which allows users search drug information using a form and display the results where users can click to go to drug page.
In this article, we continue enhancing capabilities of "Request a quote app" we designed in our previous articles by adding a standard view which will list the bidders of in table format.
Side bar widgets are used to display complementary content. For example, you can display recent members or featured members of your website. In thus tutorial, I will show how to create sidebar widgets for "Request a quote" app that we developed in the previous tutorials.
Search forms are a key component of most apps. Adding a search form allows users to search content through your app's attributes, taxonomies and relationships. You can create as many search forms as you need targeting different user groups.
We are going to continue exploring the generated plugin focusing on the frontend and data import/export capabilities.
In this article, we identify the different components of "Request a quote" app backend focusing on the link between the app design and its implementation.
This article offers a newbie introduction to WP App Studio for those who have not created an app yet.