WP App Studio 4.9 introduces WooCommerce connection, custom field support, new image tags to be used in layouts, parameter passing functionality, easy duplication of widget configuration with a quick link and auto-fill of email fields in forms for logged in users.
In WPAS 4.8 release, we have included "rating" connection. "Rating" connection is a comprehensive WordPress rating solution supporting custom images, custom fonts, dashicons and font Awesome icons in addition to many advanced features not currently implemented anywhere else.
WP App Studio 4.7 release offers many advanced features, improvements, bug fixes as a result of 5 months long heavy development.
WP App Studio 4.6 release opens the doors of WordPress to uncharted territory with introduction of calculated attributes. Now you can use your WordPress to do your homework whether you are a student in college or high school. 270+ Excel functions are supported. Supported functions are organized in 8 categories including Math and trigonometry, financial, statistical, Engineering and more.