It is very easy to create Twitter's Bootstrap 3 Carousel in WordPress using the following WPAS function tag to use it in your view layouts. Just use the following function in your view layouts.
WPAS forms allow passing of attribute values as URL parameters. The passed values can be displayed to users by auto-filling out a form field or be hidden in form submission. In this article, I will show you how to do it both ways.
Calculated attributes are attributes which are derived from other attributes based on a formula. A formula is a collection of one to many functions applied on one to many attributes.
WP App Studio supports most of Microsoft Excel functions in attribute calculations. The list below shows function names, parameters, and brief descriptions. The parameters in square brackets[] are optional.(WPAS 4.6)
Datagrid views can be created and displayed in the app dashboard page or in any page using a shortcode. Datagrids are a great way to summarize information.
Create app dashboard pages displaying charts, comments, recent records, datagrids and more in the admin area or in any page in the frontend using shortcodes.
Chart views can be created using one or two variables and produce real-time reports. Charts can be displayed on your app dashboard page or in any page using shortcodes. You can combine multiple charts into one page.