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WP App Studio 4.7 Release notes

WP App Studio 4.7 release offers many advanced features, improvements, bug fixes as a result of 5 months long heavy development.

As we always do, we showcase many of the new features in the plugins we released during this period. In this release, we also made two connections available; calendar lite and YouTube stats. We will continue making more connections available for ProDev users in the upcoming releases. The below are the additions and improvements implemented in the release:

  • NEW Added "Edit App" link in the generate page to return to App design quickly
  • NEW Added Calendar connection to be able to display entity records in a calendar; Pro edition allows more advanced options
  • NEW Added ability to add Admin notice 3 in the plugins with begin and end datetime. After the notice is expired, it is not displayed to the users activating the plugin
  • NEW Added Duplicate quick link to forms and views to quickly create new instances based on a parent view or form
  • NEW Added ability to pass entity and global attributes to JavaScript in single views
  • NEW Added tooltip layout to Organization Chart Type (see Employee Directory Pro plugin for example)
  • NEW Added YouTube Lite connection to get stats from YouTube and use them like entity attributes (See YouTube Showcase Pro plugin for example)
  • NEW Added Cloning option for attributes. You can use this option to allow users to save multiple values of a single attribute
  • NEW Added Oembed attribute type matching WordPress enabled types
  • NEW Added ability to set author of an entity when entity supports authors. Use it to allow users of selected roles to set record author (See WP Ticket Plugins)
  • Modified limitby author capability to support frontend and backend. Use it to support display of different records to logged-in user in the admin and frontend (see Employee Spotlight Pro and Employee Directory Pro Plugins for examples)
  • NEW Added "Return ids only" option in standard views to return only post ids instead of looping the layout for each record
  • NEW Added Autocomplete view type to support predictive searches of entity titles and content (See Knowledge Center Pro and Enterprise editions)
  • NEW Added Ajax page navigation feature to standard views. Now, you can insert multiple shortcodes of the same view to segmented display of your data. (See Knowledge Center Pro Plugin Demo Front page)
  • NEW Added misc. group to Visual Shortcode Builder to allow users to set post per page, specific ID and taxonomy display and more
  • NEW Added ability import and export relationships from CSV files to Entity Operations Module. You will be able to bulk import your existing app data to your ProDev app including the relationships. We improved this module significantly by adding app data rule checks to minimize data integrity issues during bulk imports. This module now also supports guessing of mappings to quickly import existing records.
  • Many bug fixes, improvements on the WPAS plugin side and platform side, including WordPress 4.4 support related issues
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