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WP App Studio 4.6 Release Notes

WP App Studio 4.6 release opens the doors of WordPress to uncharted territory with introduction of calculated attributes. Now you can use your WordPress to do your homework whether you are a student in college or high school. 270+ Excel functions are supported. Supported functions are organized in 8 categories including Math and trigonometry, financial, statistical, Engineering and more.

We put together nine different scenarios on how to use calculated attributes ranging from basic pizza order to advanced net present value calculation of an investment. All formulas are stored and calculated in the server side to better support sensitive calculations and business models. Check out new Case Studies menu.

Calculated attribute functions are primarily for ProDev plugin owners. However, FreeDev owners can use basic calculations in formulas. Check out FreeDev demo app which comes with WP App Studio for examples.

Another exciting development is that you now fully model your relationships with the introduction of self-relationship support. Self-relationships can be used to model use cases such as employee to manager or parent to child relationships. See newly released Employee Directory Pro plugin for examples.

We have also added new organization chart view type, integration widget and more. See WPAS 4.6.0 tag in our documentation to review all additions and improvements.

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