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How to create shortcodes from your views?

In your WPAS design views list page any view type except single, archive and taxonomy and all submit and search forms are created as shortcodes. The shortcode uses the name of your view. Lets say you just created a standard view with name employee_list , which is linked to your entity called Employees. This standard view gets all your employees and shows a table with employee info. You could add this to any page using [employee_list].

When you are editing this view, under Display Options tab you will see 2 checkboxes:

1) Create Setup Page,  if selected, this view gets added to the quick setup which will create a page for this view (shortcode).

2) Remove from WPAS button list , don't check this if you want to use WPAS Visual Shortcode Builder on pages to create your shortcodes with different filters. 

Visual Shortcode Builder allows to create simple as well as complex shortcodes. A simple shortcode is the one without any parameters such as [employee_list]. A more complex one may have one to many parameters such as filtering attributes, taxonomies or relationships limiting the results to certain post ids.

To enable Visual Shortcode Builder make sure you uncheck "Remove Visual Shortcode Builder" option under your Settings page Misc tab in WP App Studio.


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