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What are the major view types?

Views is a component to display your WordPress data. WP App Studio allows you to create search, standard, single, archive, integration, and taxonomy views. All views except single views produce a list of content.

The single views display individual entity content. Each entity can only have one single view.

Search views are for displaying search results and must be attached to at least one search form.

Taxonomy views display the content of a taxonomy. Each taxonomy can have only one taxonomy view.

Archive views display a list of entity content. Each entity can have only one archive view.

Integration views as you may guess from the name integrates multiple views of content on one page. All views generate shortcode accepts single views.

In addition, you can sort, filter the archived content of views using the filter tab. Single views display only one record so can not be filtered or sorted. If you like to display multiple versions of the archived content of an entity, you can create a standard view.

There is no limitation of the number of standard views that can be attached to an entity. Standard views can be put on a page or post using the wpas toolbar button.  For more info see view component.

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