Custom Taxonomies

Taxonomies help organize your content by categorizing and tagging related items for better user consumption

  • Can be shared by multiple entities
  • Enforce business rules through single or multiple value data entry
  • Improve standards delivery through creating predefined values in plugin activation
  • Display only relevant through conditional taxonomy branching
  • Allow drag and drop user sorting of taxonomy values
  • Customize all taxonomy related labels and messages to better match your needs
Relate entities through custom WordPress taxonomies

Taxonomies use categorization and tagging when relating content in WordPress.

Using WP App Studio, you can use WordPress taxonomies to;

  • Create hierarchical taxonomies- parent child relationships like categories. You can choose if you'd like to enforce single or multiple value selection
  • Create non-hierarchical taxonomies like tags
  • Set default taxonomy values
  • Set predefined values which are automatically created during plugin activation
  • Require taxonomy value to be set before searches or submissions
Drag and drop taxonomy values to set display order

Single click enables drag and drop sorting of custom taxonomy values.

WP App Studio allow drag and drop of custom taxonomy values in WordPress
WP App Studio allow drag and drop of custom taxonomy values in WordPress
Display relevant taxonomy values based on others

Conditional branching of taxonomy values based on other taxonomies, relationships and or attributes help you display only relevant information to users minimizing data entry issues and improving data quality.

The following are included in the plans supporting Advanced features
  • Setting default value
  • Setting predefined values which are created in plugin activation
  • Custom Rewrite Slug in Options tab of taxonomy configuration
  • Label Options tab content in taxonomy configuration
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