Widgets display summary content as well as shortcodes of views or forms on your frontend and dashboard

  • Create advanced frontend or dashboard widgets or both
  • Filter or sort records to display specific content segment
  • Link external frameworks or libraries
  • Use CSS, JavaScript, HTML code to support complex displays
  • Use WPAS form or view shortcodes in widget layouts
  • Support many expanding list of widget types
  • Form or view shortcodes can be used in widgets layouts
Easily create widgets and display them on your frontend or WordPress dashboard

WP App Studio supports sidebar and dashboard widgets.

Dashboard widgets are displayed in WordPress dashboard and include all sidebar widget types plus Admin widgets.

Admin widgets can be used to communicate messages to all WordPress users. Widget content can be edited by the users who have edit capability.

Sidebar widgets can be displayed in the widget areas registered by your WordPress theme in the frontend.

Sidebar widget have 3 types.

  • Entity widgets:
    • Display entity content supporting header, footer, layout(loop) and widget specific internal and external CSS or JavaScript sections which can shared by other widgets by name.
    • All external files are downloaded, merged and then linked.
    • Can use record sorting and WPAS filters to display specific segment of any entity content.
    • Can use predefined Bootstrap or jQuery UI templates which automagically links these frameworks
  • Comment widgets display custom comments
  • Integration widgets display arbitrary HTML code which can include WPAS or other WordPress shortcodes

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