Entities allow you to create different types of content such as contacts, projects, issues, videos, customers etc.

  • Create advanced content types
  • Customize how records will be created and displayed in the backend
  • Customize how records will be accessed from users
  • Allow users to change display order of records
  • Customize WordPress builtin configuration parameters
  • Create effective and efficient collaborations through custom commenting system
Production Error Support
Online Chat - - -
Dedicated Support Agent - - -
Design Consultation -
Targeted 48-hour response Depends on queue load
Number of Tickets Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Who Can Open One primary contact One primary contact One primary contact Unlimited contacts
License Duration( Days) 360 45 100 360
(billed annually)
Buy Now
(billed annually)
Buy Now
(billed annually)
Buy Now

Initial support is complimentary as long as you have a valid plan license. You can upgrade to priority support anytime. To be able to use priority support, pick the priority support plan you purchased from the product list when you open a ticket.

Our business hours cover Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM US Eastern to 6:00 PM US Eastern, excluding major US holidays.

66 thoughts on “Entities

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