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Using UI frameworks in forms

You can use Twitter's Bootstrap or jQuery UI frameworks to shape user experience. No framework option is available as well.

When a framework is set, WPAS picks the components associated with the framework. For example, if you choose Bootstrap, all of your form elements use Bootstrap components.

If you pick jQuery UI, you can also set the UI theme from Settings screen of your app. There are 24 different ui themes available. This option give users a uniform user experience in the front and the back-end of your app.

In addition, you have the option of using jQuery UI for some forms and Bootstrap for the other forms in your app. All components are fully responsive; adapt to screen size changes. All of the supported entity attribute types are supported. We regularly update components and frameworks when trends or underlying technologies change.

If you choose "None" in the form template option, regular HTML components are used. This option does not attach any JavaScript file to your form other than a client-side validation file. If the client does not support JavaScript, only the server-side validation is used.

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