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Using Analytics module

Analytics module allows filtering entity attributes, taxonomies and relationships to calculate statistics and displaying the result in any page using a shortcode.

Analytics module can use the following functions in calculations;


  • SUM

  • MAX

  • MIN

  • AVG





All summary calculations such as SUM, MAX, MIN etc can only be done on attribute values.

Date attributes can be further filtered through relative operators:

  • Current Date

  • Yesterday

  • Tomorrow

  • Current Week

  • Last Week

  • Next Week

  • Current Month

  • Last Month

  • Next Month

  • Current Year

  • Last Year

  • Next Year

Generic attribute operators are as follows:

  • = (is)

  • ≠ (is not)

  • ≈ (like)

  • !≈ (not like)

  • < (less than)

  • > (greater than)

  • <= (less than equal to)

  • >= (greater than equal to)

Taxonomies can be filtered using the taxonomy term slug. Relationships can be filtered using relationship name and current user or post id.

You can use as many criteria as you need in your filters. However, please be aware that if the results are real-time and may impact page loads depending on the server configuration. Currently, OR operator is used as default for filter groups. For example; if you used Issue priority High and Low, calculations are based on the union not the intersection of the results.

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