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How to start using FreeDev API access to create your first plugin?

FreeDev API access is designed to teach basic concepts of WP App Studio. Once you download and activate WP App Studio plugin, you get Margarita App pre-installed. In this tutorial, we will work on this app to create a custom WordPress Plugin.

Steps to generate your first app

  1. Download and activate WP App Studio plugin
  2. Click on "Margarita App" from the list
  3. Change the name from "Margarita App" to something else. Exp, MyFirstApp
  4. Click on the app name you renamed in the step 3
  5. Click on "Settings" menu and click "Update" link
  6. Change the textdomain field to something else. Exp, myfirstapp. Optionally, change other fields marked in red (Required fields)
  7. Click "Update" button
  8. Click "Generate" button - green button on the top-right of the screen- to go to Generation screen
  9. Make sure your license is valid and active
    • Click Licenses menu link and enter your license key after selecting your plan from the dropdown.
    • Click Save.
    • After a successful save, you will see "Activate License" button. Click to activate your license.
    • If your license key is valid, you will see "VALID ".
  10. Click "Generate" button (Blue) again
  11. While in generation screen, click on "Refresh" button to check generation status
  12. Once the plugin code is ready, click on "Status Link" to download your own plugin
  13. Upload your plugin like any other WordPress plugin and activate from Plugins page
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