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Adding attributes to relationships

A many-to-many relationship can optionally have one to many attributes. Only many-to-many relationships can have attributes.

For example; in a relationship between Products and Orders entities, quantity of products ordered could be an attribute.

The following describes the screen fields.


General name for the attribute, single word, no spaces, all lower case. Underscores and dashes allowed.


User friendly name for your attribute. It will appear on the EDIT page of the entity.


Instructions or help-text related to your attribute.


Defines the attribute display and validation type.


Makes the attribute required so it can not be blank.

Default Value

Sets a default value for the attribute.

To create a relationship attribute

  1. After you created your app and at least one entity, click on the Relationships tab.

  2. Click on the List All Relationships link

  3. Hover over the relationship link you want add attribute to and click on Add Attribute link.

  4. Fill in name, label, type fields.

  5. Optionally, fill in description field, check requred if the attribute will be required, and set a default value.

  6. Click Save to finish.

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