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Your Hotel Reservation

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Shows how to create a basic reservation order by using multiple functions.

For example, {10}Parking;{20}Breakfast;{15}Internet set the values for the "Optional Services" checkbox list.

Of course, when customers submit reservation orders, you may want to set up notifications sending a customized email to you and the customer who made the reservation.

You can search the functions you are looking for at WP App Studio Available functions page

Formulas used in calculations are below:

Total Cost:

DATEDIF(!#ent_check_in#,!#ent_check_out#) * IF(!#ent_room_type# ='king_view', 100, 90) + SUM(!#ent_optional_services#)

Note: The attribute tags used in the formulas are based on the names you give to your attributes. So your values may be different.

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