Provides a fully featured, easy-to-user rating solution for WP App Studio apps.
If your WPAS plan does not support this connection, you need to purchase and activate connection license key. Connection licenses must be activated for a specific app name during check out.
Creates fully customizable user rating for WPAS entities

Basic Rating Connection includes:

  • Supports accepting ratings from logged-in users, visitors or both
  • Allows users to rate WPAS entities
  • Stores user rating records. The logs can be accessed by administrators. Rating records can imported, exported or reset by following the instructions in operations screen when operations are enabled
  • Allows "star", "like" or "thumbs" rating modes
  • Allows customization of rating stats area using rating tags
  • Allows customization of rating area using rating tags
  • Allows to filter and search user ratings using multiple criteria when used with Advanced filter enabled
  • Allows to hide or disable rating
  • Features user rating integrity protection through IP, cookie or both
  • Create as many rating connections for your entities as you need

Advanced Rating Connection includes everything in Basic plus the following:

  • Allows custom font, custom image, font awesome and dashicons icon types
  • Supports Google Rich Snippets
  • Supports rating hints used on each rating
  • Allows custom font sizes, mouse on or off colors for web fonts
  • Allows rating reset
AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-03-25
Last Updated2016-03-25
  • Initial Release