Inline Entity
Allows to create, categorize, and insert predefined content in WPAS comment and content editors
  • Use to provide ability insert inline(dependent) entity content in your primary entity's content or comment editor as a toolbar button.
  • Create and manage unlimited inline content.
  • Categorize inline entity content based on the criteria relevant to your organization.
  • Filter through inline entity content for easy access to the one you need.
  • Customize inline entity content with primary entity tags.
If your WPAS plan does not support this connection, you need to purchase and activate connection license key. Connection licenses must be activated for a specific app name during check out.
Inline Entity WPAS Connection - Easily Manage Inline Entity Content
Easily manage inline entity content

Extensive inline entity list management helps you better organize.

  • Navigate faster to find what you're looking for through advanced filters.
  • Define unlimited inline entity records to better match your business model
  • Create and save predefined filters on inline entity tags and categories
  • Show, hide or sort inline entity list columns
  • Import from or export to CSV files and reset content; available for admins.
  • Bulk manage inline entity list in one location.

The inline entity extension can be used along with your WP App Studio ProDev plugins to provide inline entity functionality.

Inline entities are dependent onto your primary entities in terms of content relationships or content customization.

For example, you can create inline content using the primary entity tags in a specific format. When users insert the inline entity content the format is included automatically.

Another example could be canned responses which are set of customizable predefined responses which can included in your main content.

Inline Entity WPAS Connection - Quick And Customizable
Quick and customizable
  • A simple click inserts your inline entity content to the comment area
  • Access to all your inline entity records with one click
  • Create new inline entity record or edit existing ones.
  • Numbered paged navigation is available for long lists
  • Search using inline entity record categories or tags
  • Search titles and/or content of your inline entity records using search box
  • Use tags of your primary entity to customize inline entity content
AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-02-27
Last Updated2016-06-21
  • Fixed CSV import issue
  • Initial Release