Incoming Email
Allows to post to WPAS apps by accepting email from one or more email addresses.
  • Automatically convert user email into content.
  • Process email file attachments as part of content.
  • Utilize multiple inbound email addresses for content separation by creating multiple connections in your app designs.
  • Protect against spam posting attempts through multiple validation.
  • Set values of postings using shortcodes.
  • Can be used with any WPAS app.
If your WPAS plan does not support this connection, you need to purchase and activate connection license key. Connection licenses must be activated for a specific app name during check out.
Incoming Email WPAS Connection - Define Content Based Processing Rules
Define content based processing rules

Define specific message processing rules per entity:

  • Deleting emails after posting
  • Setting maximum number of emails to post: a handy feature exp; if you have specific number of offers to fulfill.
  • Protection against spam or unauthorized posting using email pins, authorized addresses, and banned file names.
  • Allowing visitors(users who can not post) to create content via email
  • Ability to process replies as new records or comments
  • Setting separate post statuses for users and visitors.
  • Using shortcodes to categorize emails or to set values.

Ability to define separate rules per entity allows your organization to categorize or route specific content based on the email address it was received.

Email processing activity history is recorded for processing errors or validations.

Incoming Email WPAS Connection - Support Imap Or Pop3
Support IMAP or POP3

Poll IMAP or POP3 servers, with or without SSL/TLS to receive emails. Setting polling frequency helps processing emails in specified intervals.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2015-01-26
Last Updated2016-06-21
  • Fixed incoming emails of different timezones- using WordPress instead of PHP date
  • Fixed an issue with POP3 SSL
  • Ability to process replies as comments or new records
  • Initial Release