Creates a calendar which you can display entry records based the selected date attribute
  • Create custom WordPress apps integrated with WooCommerce
  • Connect WooCommerce Orders with WPAS
  • Connect WooCommerce Products with WPAS
  • Integrate WooCommerce My Accounts page with WPAS
  • Ability to create multiple WooCommerce connections
  • Ability to display WooCommerce data in WPAS layouts
If your WPAS plan does not support this connection, you need to purchase and activate connection license key. Connection licenses must be activated for a specific app name during check out.
Calendar Lite

Calendar Lite allows content with start and end date to be displayed on calendar.

The calendar offers Month, Basic Week, Basic Day, Agenda Week and Agenda Day views. You can also use 24 jQuery UI themes to match your app color scheme.

AuthoreMarket Design
Publish Date2016-05-19
Last Updated2016-06-21
  • Misc. fixes and improvements
  • Initial Release